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Helen Kyoko Tateyama is a Japanese nurse who worked in St Anne’s hospital, Barisal, from September 1965 until August 1968, and visited Barisal again in 1972 and 1986. She became a member of the Fellowship of the Epiphany and was the first member to live in Japan. Helen was with Mother Susila from 16 to 30 September this year.

When I arrived in Dhaka, the water levels were very high, so I had to wait for a few days before moving on. Mother was moving from Dhaka to Jobarpar to Barisal and back to Jobarpar all in one week, so was looking very tired, as was Sister Shoba, who is caring for her most of the time. Sister Shoba is an excellent nurse whom Mother trusts very much. She has been teaching some of the Sisters in the giving of injections and in bed-side care, and all the sisters, especially Sr Shika, Sr Salome and Novice Maria, are looking after Mother so well. So far, Mother is keeping well, her memory is clear, but she needs a lot of help with daily life. Mr Mona visits Jobarpar two or three times a week to carry out Mother’s secretarial work.

I have enclosed a photograph of the three trees which were planted by Mother Joan, Sister Rosamund and Sister (now Mother) Winifred when they left Barisal to show how big they have grown.

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