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Sister Florence SE

Sister Florence SE

September 2003 The Water Sports are here -how the year has flown! The annual Pujas are almost here: we no longer suffer from loud-speakers day and night as they are now banned by the Government, together with noisy fireworks! Peace greatly enjoyed by me.

But there is so much suffering, and feelings of uncertainty. In today's paper, a man saying he was avenging the murder of his father and brother, entered the Male Ward of a local hospital, and took hostages of suspected patients. Bombs were tied to them, and one patient was dragged out and shot. So is anyone safe, anywhere, these days?

Poor people, how great is their need of love and help. The longing to do more is great. Today our Cricket Captain, Sourav Ganguly, said that he would like to have more time for social work! He is already helping children with cancer, and handicapped children. So people are trying to help God moves in His ways!

May God's inward peace and joy be with you all in 2004. And a special Big Thank You for your Christmas gifts and wishes: the Birthday (100th) seemed repeated at Christmas! Once more I am overwhelmed and amazed at so much thoughtful love and kindness 'Thank You' seems too small.

There were generous money gifts too -some from strangers! The video will show people their generous gifts working -which means that they arc here with us also. (See News and Events for details of the video – Ed.)

We had a special concert in memory of our beloved Father Mathieson. Hostel boys and Old Boys put on drama and music: it was called 'Holy Night'.

Musing on the Christmas Bible reading no room in the Inn, so the Stable was offered. But here, in modem 2003, there was not even an inn, or a stable -only the pavement, or the road Just before Christmas Day I was asked for warm clothes for a baby -a boy -with his mother, by the roadside, near here. The day before I had received from the UK, quite unexpectedly, two parcels with expensive-looking lovely babies' clothes -'all-in-ones' and warm coats, in all colours.

So nice red zip-up all-in-ones were soon on the pavement, and my Friends' Fund provided a sari, petticoat, blouse and soap for the mother Dear Probudhan's wife cooked a hot meal for them, with food supplied from the Fund [t is freezing weather, but the babe survives.

So a Big, Big Thank You, dear Friends, for your love and care for those unwanted here. May Gad bless you with His peace and love.

Prayers, gratitude and love from me, for all your help.


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