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Farewell to the Editor

When I was Chairman of the Oxford Mission, and the previous Editor of what was then the Quarterly Paper, Joyce Magee, decided to retire, we thought she was irreplaceable. Fortunately I happened to ask a friend, Gill Wilson, if she would be interested, without realising how well qualified she was for the job: an Oxford degree in English, a secretarial training and some editorial experience. She agreed to take it on, and I have never had a more fortunate happening.

Most of us have not much idea of what is involved in such a task. Gill undertook it with enthusiasm, oversaw the introduction of colour photographs, and over the next twenty years raised the standard of the Magazine until it was acknowledged to be one of the best of its kind. She wrote articles, book reviews, and even sermons when required, and edited for publication the letters of Theodore Mathieson BE, one of the most charismatic of the OM Fathers. Her obituaries of the Fathers and Sisters were printed in the Times, Daily Telegraph and Church Times, thus raising the profile of the Mission nationally. Now, having overseen the introduction of the new format, she feels it is time for someone younger and more modern to take over.

Gill has been an outstanding Editor; we thank her for all her hard work and wish her a happy retirement.

Chairman, 1974-2006

Gill replies:
Thank you, John, for those kind words, and for recruiting me in the first place to this splendid Mission. Thank you too to Mary Marsh for all her help and support. My two visits to the compounds in India and Bangladesh, in which I met the Fathers and Sisters of the Epiphany and their successors and saw their devoted work, made my task a labour of love. I am proud of having been involved with that work in however small a way.

I hope to stay on the Committee for the time being, and remain in touch to help the new Editor if needed. Goodbye, and God bless you all.

Editor, 1987-2007

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