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Rev. Dr Geoffrey Marrison

Anne Dawson writes "My father, Rev Dr Geoffrey Marrison worked with the Oxford Mission when I was a child. He was a linguist working in Assam recording tribal languages for bible translation. He passed away 28th November and his funeral is 16th December at St Mary's Parish Church, Ulverston, Cumbria."

Rev. Dr Geoffrey Edward MARRISON was an Hon. Fellow, South East Asian Studies, at the University of Hull, since 1992 (Associate, Centre for South-East Asian Studies, 1989-91; Senior Fellow, 2000-03). he was also well known for his interest in Ethno-linguistics of South and South East Asia, Christian and oriental art.

Amongst his publications were:
The Literature of the Sasak of Lombok: A Survey of Javanese and Sasak Texts. Part I: Description and Manuscript Collections. Part II: Catalogue of Manuscripts. Hull, 1995
A Catalogue of the Collections of the Rev. Dr Harry Parkin on Asian Religions and Batak Studies in the Brynmor Jones Library. Hull University, 1993.
Catalogue of Javanese and Sasak Texts. K.I.T.L.V., Netherlands, 1999.
A Catalogue of the South-East Asian Collections of Professor M.A. Jaspan in the Brynmor Jones Library, University of Hull. University of Hul, 1989
The Christian approach to the Muslim. London Lutterworth Press, 1971.

Please pray for him and his family at this time, and, if you are able, feel free to attend his funeral.

The Oxford Mission -> Half Yearly Papers