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Why not give to the Oxford Mission?

If you would like to support our work, financial donations of any size are always welcome.

DonateNow! no longer provides charities with the ability to have payments made through them. We are in the process of organising an alternative mechanism that will enable a more flexible and alternative way for you, our kind supporters, to make donations. We will let you know on this page when the new arrangements are in place.

In the meantime please send cheques to the General Secretary (see contact page (click here)), or call and obtain our bank details for direct payments. Don't forget that UK donors can use Gift Aid to enhance their giving.


Alternative ways of giving

In addition the Oxford Mission can accept a variety of types of gifts, including:

Gifts of stamps should be sent or delivered to the General Secretary (see the contact page (click here)).

Until recently we were delighted to receive donations of musical instruments. However, we are now unable to reliably store, mend or transport them to India and recommend that where you may want to donate you should look to either donate to a local charity shop or sell the instrument, such as directly to other people, using a local auction house or through an online auction website. If you e-mail us we may be able to suggest suitable venues.

For other gift offerings please contact the General Secretary (click here)

U.K. donors

The Oxford Mission can now reclaim the tax on any donation you make now or in the future, at no extra cost to you. For the Oxford Mission to reclaim the tax on donations, the person making the donation must pay an amount of U.K. income or capital gains tax (this tax is usually that due on normal income received or capital gains made in the year of donation) equal to the tax we reclaim from the Inland Revenue (currently 28p for every £1 you give). All you need to do is , tick, date and click to submit the Gift Aid Declaration form (click here). We would advise you also to print a copy, sign it and send it to the General Secretary.


We can only accept foreign or large value (i.e. not 1st or 2nd class U.K.) stamps. Please send bags of collected stamps to the General Secretary. For the address (click here) .

The Oxford Mission -> Gift Aid Declaration