The Oxford Mission

The Oxford Mission

In 2020 we celebrated our 140th anniversary. In addition 2020 was the year we celebrated being present in Barisal for 125 years and the Christa Sevika Sangha celebrated 50 years since they were founded! Three years on we continue to celebrate our progress in Bangladesh and Eastern India.

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Our Mission today

At Behala, India, there is a boys’ orphanage, St. Joseph’s Primary School, an English-medium Primary School, Hostels, training schemes for less academic boys, and an ENT/Eye clinic.

At Barisal, Bangladesh, the Mission runs boarding schools, Christian students’ hostels, St Anne’s Medical Centre, an orphanage and a Primary School. A Bangladeshi Brotherhood of St. Paul was also formed in 2003.

In 1970, a Bangladeshi Sisterhood was formed in Jobarpar, the Christa Sevika Sangha. The Sevikas supervise boys’ and girls’ hostels and a play-centre for small children, help in St Gabriel’s School and supervise St. Mary’s Home in Barisal.

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Current news headlines

Urgent appeal Since the Coronavirus hit the world many of the poorer parts of the world continue to suffer. In Bangladesh and India the situation continues enormously difficult. Now, more than ever before the threat of rising sea levels threaten large parts of Bangladesh. This is impacting further the communities we serve, with the threat of worsening flooding, particularly during the monsoon season.

Why not get involved with our work?

The Oxford Mission welcomes support in various ways:

Financial support: You can give money to support the work in India and Bangladesh through contacting either one of the Mission locations directly or through the General Secretary's office in the UK. In addition, from time to time the Oxford Mission looks for specific types of help such as sponsoring of a child at a European musical college, or providing board and lodging for a given period of time to one or more members of the Mission that may be traveling overseas. To see our current projects (click here). If you would like to give financial help please look at the Donate! (click here) or Contacts (click here) pages of this site for details of how and where you can do this.

Voluntary work: From time to time one of the Missions can welcome volunteers either on specific projects or for general work. We are particularly interested in short term visits (say a month) by Music students. If you are interested in voluntary work please contact the General Secretary.

Prayer: All involved with the Oxford Mission welcome your prayers and support for our work. A daily programme of prayers, which you are welcome to follow, can be found in the latest Newsletter (click here)

Change of address: Please note that we have now changed our postal address. You can now contact us by post at 100 St. Paul's Road, New England, Peterborough PE13DP. Our other contact details remain unchanged and can be found on the contact page.

The Oxford Mission