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Founded 1880
Registered Charity No. 211618
The Oxford Mission can now reclaim the tax on any donation you make, now or in the future, at no extra cost to you. For the Oxford Mission to reclaim the tax on donations, the person making the donation must be a UK tax payer who pays an amount of UK income or capital gains tax equal to or greater than the tax that the Oxford Mission can reclaim from the Inland Revenue (currently 25p for every £1 you give). All you need to do is to place a tick in the box below, date and sign the Gift Aid Declaration below and then send this form to the address given at the bottom of the page.
Please treat all donations I have made to the Oxford Mission and all donations I make hereafter, as Gift Aid.
Click on the box to confirm
Signature: …
For Gift Aid donations, please ensure that cheques from a joint account are signed by the taxpayer.
Details of the Donor
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You may cancel this Declaration at any time, and should do so if you cease to be a UK taxpayer, by notifying the Oxford Mission at the address given at the bottom of this form. Please also notify the Office if you change your name and/or address.
This form is for use by UK taxpayers only. Non-UK residents should seek professional advice within the country of residence for tax purposes, as to whether it is possible to make tax efficient donations that can benefit the Oxford Mission.
Instructions for use of this form
1. Please fill in the details in the form above
2. Print the form and sign it and then post the form to the Oxford Mission.
3. Click on the submit button to send us the e-mail version. We will note the declaration, but will not be able to act upon it until we receive the signed form.
Oxford Mission, P.O. Box 1455, Peterborough PE2 3WE
The Oxford Mission -> Gift Aid Declaration