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Thanksgiving & Intercessions

“After hearing what the king had to say, the Wise Men set out, there before them was the star they had seen rising, and it went ahead of them until it stopped above the place where the child lay”
Matthew 2: 9-10

A prayer for the ongoing work of the Oxford Mission

Almighty God, who by the light of a star led the Wise Men to the infant Jesus, we thank you for the glorious history of the Oxford Mission in the ministry of the Brothers and Sisters of the Epiphany in Bengal. Bless, we pray, the ongoing work of their successors in Kolkata, Barisal and Jobarpar, and in the wider church. Draw many to Yourself through their witness of care and concern; and by your guiding light bring us all to our eternal home; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

A prayer for the Oxford Mission in the United Kingdom

Loving Father, we ask You to bless the work of the Oxford Mission in the United Kingdom, and to prosper our efforts on its behalf. Give us grace to play our part by our prayers, our service and our giving. Fill us with joy and enthusiasm for the task, and enrich our lives in your service; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Sunday – The Communities

In India: : the Rt Revd B Malakar, Ms Suchitra Guha, Mr Michael J Robertson, Mr Shaurabh Mukherji, Mrs Krishna Rae, Father James Stevens, the Revd Sukhendu Biswas and Colonel Subir Ghosh

In Bangladesh: Francis Arunesh Pandey and Brother John Halder Christa Sevika Sangha: Sister Superior Jharna Sisters Ruth, Shobha, Agnes, Dorothy, Margaret, Kalyani, Shefali, Shalomi, Sikha and Postulant Ripika

Pray that God may bless the Brethren and Sisters, the OMTA committee and Administrator at Behala, the Manager at Barisal and all their staff in their life and work.


1.Kolkata Diocese

Give thanks for: Those who serve in the Police and in our country to maintain law and order. The power of God for those seeking His guidance. Presbyters the Revd Pradip Biswas and the Revd Biman Bihari Mondol for their many years service to the Calcutta Diocese. The 25 years of dedicated service to the pupils of St Paul’s Mission School by Mr Tapas Mallick.

Pray for: The continued sharing of the word of God among all religions. The success of the conservation work being undertaken on the historic St Olav’s Church. All the pavement dwellers of Calcutta.

2. Dhaka Diocese and Kushtia Diocese

Give thanks for: The opportunity to hold our annual Baro Sobhas in every deanery. The ongoing work of St Mary’s Sisterhood. All those who carry out pastoral work.

Pray for: Our country, and especially the minorities, during this time of unrest. The soul of Brother Frank of the Taizé Community, that he may rest in peace, and all his family friends and Brothers. Our recently confirmed boys and girls, that they may take part in God’s mission in the future. Spiritual power to overcome the evil forces in this world.

Tuesday - Jobarpar

Give thanks for: All those who prayed for Sister Superior Jharna during her recent treatment, and for God, who listened to those prayers. All the CSS Sisters, especially Sisters Ruth and Shobha. Our children, who continue to study diligently, and all our workers. The centenary of the Sisterhood of St Mary.

Pray for: The following sick people – the Revd Shimsan Mozumder, Sr Agnes’ father, Sister Shalomi’s father, Sister Shefali’s parents, Mrs Mary Bala, Mr Michel Biswas and Anando Hira. Our nation, and all the people of the world, that they may have peace. The following departed souls – Sister Margaret’s mother, Sister Shalomi’s mother, Mr Sarnakomal Biswas, (our retired worker), Sajeeb Sir’s mother and the father of Ela (a St Mary’s girl). The soul of Mother Susila and the well-being of the CSS.

Wednesday – Barisal

Give thanks for: The continuing work of the Revd Sudatta Baidya looking after the college hostel girls. The uplifting visit by Mrs Mary Marsh, General Secretary. The employment opportunities provided by the Mission. The visit by Mr Dan Mozena, USA Ambassador.

Pray for: The continuing work of the staff at St Anne’s Medical Centre. Brother John, of the Brotherhood of St Paul, who has taken his first vows. The attainment of education success of all our hostel children.

Thursday - Behala

Give thanks for: The donors of musical instruments, which allow more of our boys to become talented musicians. The hostel boys, Warden and his assistant for remaining at Behala to stage the Nativity Tableau. The Lions Club, for organising a medical camp. The visit of Mr Robert Mathieson and Mrs Mary Marsh, and all our other visitors. The work of the Rt Revd Ashoke Biswas, the advice of our Trustees, and the monitoring by the UK Committee.

Pray for: All those people with impaired vision, that they may lead a full and active life. The boys in our care, especially those who find examinations challenging. A successful outcome to our future building plans and income generation.

Friday – Home

Give thanks for: The successful visit of Mr Robert Mathieson and Mrs Mary Marsh to Behala, Barisal and Jobarpar. The generosity of those who support the work of the Oxford Mission. The continuing work of the UK Committee. The happy occasion of the wedding of Rachel How and Matt Faux.

Pray for: Mr Peter Greenwood, a great friend of the late Mother Susila and a constant supporter of the CSS, who is currently on a long and difficult road to recovery following illness. The improving health of Mrs Pauline Meggy and Mrs Georgina Thomas, lifelong supporters of the OM. The future happiness of Rachel How and Matt Faux.

Saturday – The Departed

Let us pray for those whose anniversary falls during this period:

GWLADYS May 3, 1963 EDITH May 6, 1959
FREDERIK HULETT May 7, 1935 KALAWATI May 9, 1961
LEONARD WHITCOMBE May 9, 1975 Sir FRANK MILLS May 11, 2006
EDWARD WILLIS May 12, 1898 MARSHAM ARGLES May 14, 1883
MOTHER WINIFRED May 26, 2010 MABEL June 11, 1940
ELSPETH June 21, 1925 PHILIP SMITH June 29, 1887
PETER THORMAN July 11, 1994 MAY ROSE July 14, 1975
FREDERICK DOUGLASS July 22, 1949 FRANCES July 22, 1982
RUTH July 25, 1967 JANE July 27, 1985
GEOFFREY PAVAMANI August 5, 1980 JOAN August 14, 1999
PATRICK CARLETON August 18, 1984 MARTHA August 27, 1963
HELEN August 28, 1979 CYPRIAN COWGILL September 2,1969
CHARLES WALKER September 7, 1915 JOSEPHINE September 9, 1957
WALTER MADDAN September 10, 1963 DOROTHY September 12, 1967
OSWALD LLOYD September 18, 1930 FANNY September 27, 1951
LIONEL RIGBY September 21, 1979 BETTY HOUGHTON October 03, 2013
EVELYN October 6, 1914 MARGARET October 7, 1969
BEATRICE October 9, 1934 ESTHER October 19, 1981

May light perpetual shine upon them

The Oxford Mission -> Thanksgiving & Intercessions