Half Yearly paper Nov 2003


NOVEMBER 2003 - APRIL 2004

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"He that abideth in me and I in him, the same beareth much fruit for apart from me ye can do nothing… If ye abide in me and my words abide in you, ask whatsoever ye will and it shall be done unto you.

O God, who dost bid thy Church arise and shine that nations may come to its light and kings to the brightness of its rising: Grant to the Sisters of the Epiphany, the Brotherhood of St Paul, the Sisters of the Christa Sevika Sangha and the Administrator the strength and guidance of thy Holy Spirit, that their prayers and labours may lead many souls to the clear light of thy truth, in the glorious fellowship of thy universal Church; through Jesus Christ, thy Son our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with thee, in the unity of the same Holy Spirit, God throughout all ages. Amen.


Gracious Father, we pray thee to bless the Oxford Mission and to prosper our efforts on its behalf. Grant that we may take our share in the work by our prayers, our service and our gifts, and fill us all with the spirit of self-sacrifice for the sake of him who suffered and died for us, thy Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.


IN INDIA: Administrator: Arijeet Roy
Sister-in-Charge Florence SE
IN BANGLADESH: Brethren S.P.B. Francis Pandey
Martin Hira Mondal
Christa Sevika Sangha Mother Superior Susila
IN ENGLAND: Mother Superior Winifred S.E.

Pray that God may bless the Brethren and Sisters and the Administrator in their life and work.



Give thanks for: - The ministry of Bishop P.S.P. Baroi. For his love and support for the work of the Oxford Mission in Kolkata, and his pastoral care of Sister Florence. For his chairmanship of the Oxford Mission Trust Association, and care for the O.M.'s future.
Pray for: - The ministry of the Christian Church in Kolkata For priests, teachers, medical workers and all who are helping to alleviate poverty, ignorance and disease in the city.


Give thanks for: - The ministry of the Rt Revd M S Baroi, Moderator and Bishop of Dhaka, and of the Revd Paul Shishir Sarkar, Bishop of Kushtia. For the ordination of four new Deacons For blessing on the Clergy Retreat at Savar in August.
Pray for: - Those flooded out of their homes in the heavy rains For victims of terrorism and religious intolerance For improvement in the economic situation For Sister Gillian and her nurses at Bollobhpur, especially Nodi and Lucky. For the village clinics they run.


Give thanks for: - God's many mercies we have received; for His love and care; For His presence with us in times of difficulty. For the First Profession of Sisters Sikha and Sipra. For the medical and educational work of the Mission for doctors, nurses, compounders, teachers, and church workers. For those who help us in our gardens and fields. For all our friends and relations, including those who disagree and keep away from us.
Pray for: - Better health for Mother Susila. For St Gabriel's Primary School, the Hostels and the Play Centre. For the Medical Clinic and all the doctors. For our Social Centres and Women's fellowship groups, and for more Parish visiting. For the sick, the suffering and dying, and the destitutes searching for work. For all religious communities in Bangladesh.


Give thanks for: - The First Profession of Brother Martin in the Brotherhood of St Paul. For students in the High School and Hostels who have been successful in their examinations. For a new well for arsenic-free water at St Agnes' Hostel, and other essential building work.
Pray for: - Father Francis and Brother Martin, and for new aspirants to the Brotherhood and to the Christa Sevika Sangha. For Mr Tushar Kanti Byapari and Miss Anita Halder. For O.M. Schools, Hostels and Clinics. For our Hindu and Muslim friends. For more tube wells.


Give thanks for: - Celebrations of Sister Florence's 100'" birthday, and interest in the Mission 's work as a result. For boys doing well in school and in various activities, especially music. For the work of the ENT Clinic. For the 27 years' service of Mrs Aloka Biswas.
Pray for: - Arijeet Roy, for the staff members of the O.M., Shanti Nivash, Nazareth House, St Joseph's Primary School, the O.M. English Primary School, and the Clinic Doctors For the little boys in St. Nicholas's Home For more healthy and happy years for Sister Florence


Give thanks for: - The life and work of Fred Pinn: may he rest in peace. For the visit to India and Bangladesh of the Revd Alwyn Jones and the goodwill he met with, and brought. For Mother Winifred's 80th birthday. For Margaret How rejoining the U.K Committee.
Pray for: - Better health for Sir Frank and Lady Mills. For John Corrie and Mary Marsh who will visit the Communities in the New Year. For blessing on the new web-site.


Let us pray for those whose anniversary falls during this period:

ALAN MACBETH November 13, 1970 JOHN COOK November 15, 1958 SUSIL CHATTERJEE November 19, 1988
ROSE December 6, 1948 DOREEN December 13, 1956 GREAME HOLMES December 15, 1953
MAY December 23, 1927 GWENDOLEN December 31,1980 THEODORE MATHIESON January 5, 1994
CARLOS EDWARD PRIOR January 6, 1969 ROSAMUND January 6, 2003 ADA January 10, 1963
JAMES BLAIR January 12, 1991 DAGMAR January 13, 1970 MURIEL January 18, 1997
ELEANOR January 23, 1973 MARY January 30, 1960 ERNEST BROWN January 31, 1933
GERTRUDE February 1, 1977 IRENE February 3, 1930 MARIA February 14, 1944
MARIA March 4,1948 THOMAS WILSON March 7, 1932 EDMUND SHORE March 7, 1952
AGNES March 17, 1955 MAUD March 19,1941 LINWOOD STRONG March 19, 1945
HORACE CONWAY March 28, 1918 CONSTANCE March 29, 1977 EDWARD MANLEY April 23, 1947

May light perpetual shine upon them.

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Half Yearly paper Nov 2003