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Some of the current projects we are undertaking


The success of many children who have benefited from a musical education at the Mission's Behala (Kolkata) compound has been undoubted, with a number who have successfully passed through international conservatoires and on to professional careers, and others who have been successful with string quartets and bands, including the Indian military bands.

The MMMC now wishes to build on this success by offering a broader range of opportunities and is now seeking to acquire wind instruments (both woodwind and brass). The instruments can be bought in India.

If you would like to support this project with a donation you can do so by sending a donation:
1. for the Mathieson Memorial Music Centre work marked "Musical instruments"

to the General Secretary, who can be contacted at the address indicated on the contacts page of this site (click here).

Other projects we are undertaking

At the various sites in India and Bangladesh, the Oxford Mission is actively suporting the local communities. Part of our work is through specific projects aimed at improving conditions both at the Mission premises and within the local communities within which we work.

Current projects include the following:

Behala, India

The next stage is to expand the buildings to enable the number of pupils to gradually increase to around 3,000 in years to come. The good news is that all the boys looked after by the Oxford Mission will receive their education within the new school.


Following this the Sisters are keen to improve:

What can you do to support us?

The Oxford Mission welcomes support in these projects and others. In particular, financial support through either ear-marked or general gifts, will enable us to bring these forward and help provide much needed assistance. Please contact the General Secretary, details of whom can be obtained here (click here)

Alternatively send us an e-mail, giving us your contact details, using the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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