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A selection of publications on, or by members of, the Oxford Mission


The following publications are available via the Office in the UK (see contact section) or via the contact indicated for each item.

'Down to the Sea', by Bill Down
The Rt. Revd. Bill Down, President of the U.K. Committee of the Oxford Mission, tells the story of his life as a priest, Chaplain and General Secretary of the Missions to Seamen (now Seafarers), and Bishop of Bermuda.
£17.50 + p&p £2.50 from The Memoir Club, Stanhope Old Hall, Stanhope, Co. Durham DL13 2PF. Cheques should be made payable to The Memoir Club. (see review in the Half-yearly Paper for May - October 2005)

'He Leadeth Me', by Sister Rosamund S.E.
Sister's autobiography tells how her childhood and schooldays led to a vocation, at first with the Church Missionary Society in West Pakistan, and then to the life of a Religious in the Sisterhood of the Epiphany. She describes their ministry in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, and the hardship and suffering caused by the war of 1971.
Available from the Office, £7.50 inc. p & p. Cheques payable to the Oxford Mission.

Bishop James Blair's Diary (edited by Isaac Baroi)
In 1956 the Rt. Revd. James Blair, B.E. became the first Bishop of the newly-formed Church of Bangladesh. During the next 13 years he wrote and sent out every few months a lively and informal diocesan newsletter. It gives a vivid picture of his life and work, mostly spent on tour in often difficult conditions in his immense diocese.

The book is printed in Bangladesh, and at the moment we cannot get further copies. But we are still hoping: please watch this space. The cost is £8 including p. & p. Cheques payable to the Oxford Mission.

'A Well Watered Garden' (compiled and edited by Mabyn Pickering)
The life story of Mother Susila C.S.S, who joined the O.M. Sisterhood of the Epiphany as a Novice in 1950. Twenty years later she felt called to start her own indigenous Sisterhood in Jobarpar the Christa Sevika Sangha was born, and through many difficulties and trials became the centre of love and holiness it is today.
Available from the Office, £8 inc. p & p. Cheques payable to the Oxford Mission.

Theodore Mathieson

'Theodore: Letters from the Oxford Mission, 1946-1993' (edited by Gill Wilson)
A compilation of the lively and enthusiastic letters written home to his family over 47 years by Father Theodore Mathieson B.E., describing his life and work on the compound at the OM. Behala, and especially his encouragement of the boys' music.
Available from the General Secretary (see contact section in left margin), £12 incl. p. & p. Cheques payable to 'Oxford Mission/Theodore'.
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'Whether we be many or few', by C. E. Millington
A detailed history of the Cambridge/Delhi Brotherhood, from its beginning in 1878 to the present day, when it is still flourishing and undertaking social work in Delhi.
Available from Christians Aware, Leicester, on 0116 254 0770, for £10 incl. p & p.

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