The Oxford Mission

Why not get involved with our work?

The Oxford Mission welcomes support in various ways:

Financial support: You can give money to support the work in India and Bangladesh through contacting either one of the Mission locations directly or through the General Secretary's office in the UK. In addition, from time to time the Oxford Mission looks for specific types of help such as sponsoring of a child at a European musical college, or providing board and lodging for a given period of time to one or more members of the Mission that may be traveling overseas. If you would like to give financial help please look at the contacts page of this site for details.

Voluntary work: From time to time one of the Missions can welcome volunteers either on specific projects or for general work. If you are interested in voluntary work please contact the General Secretary.

Prayer: All involved with the Oxford Mission welcome your prayers and support for our work.

Communion Day of Pray

30 November 2021

1. Promote a Local Day of Prayer Some provinces have chosen to dedicate November 30th as a local day of prayer to coincide with this event. They are encouraging all diocese to spread the word so that as many people as possible unite in prayer.

2. Organise a Prayer Watch Party Invite your church, friends or family to watch together. You can meet at church, your house or anywhere else suitable. It can be a collective, powerful experience of prayer and solidarity. We respectfully acknowledge that Covid-19 restrictions are still in place in some countries; please skip this suggestion if it is not appropriate in your province.

3. Watch All Day Keep the Communion Day of Prayer on as you go about your day, at home or at work. Even if you are unable to watch all of the prayer films, you will be able to listen to the prayers, readings and songs. You will benefit from having the presence of the prayers in your day.

4. Watch at Any Time You are welcome to come and go as many times as you wish. Join at any time that suits you. You can also look at the schedule and choose to pray with specific provinces when their films are being shown.

5. Watch Alone You do not have to be with others to join in and benefit. Watch on any device you have available, wherever you are, at any time.

For further information is available from the USPG website:

The Oxford Mission