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Serenade To Theodore Mathieson



Serenade To Theodore Mathieson


Tuesday, 10th December 2013, 06.00 p.m.

St. Paul’s Cathedral, Cathedral Road, Kolkata – 700 071.

This event will include a multi-media presentation, dance, rhythm and music. Performers will include the Oxford Mission Choir and Orchestra.

This event is a fund raising appeal organised in Calcutta.

The Bishop of Kokata said "Oxford Mission Behala, under the tutelage of Reverend Theodore Mathieson ( 1946 to 1993) has been acclaimed as the Mecca of Western Classical Instrumental Music, in Eastern India.

It has presently attained immeasurable name, fame and excellence across the Music Globe.

With funds and grants from abroad, dwindling with every passing year, the Mission stands committed and pledged to continue grooming, within it’s Hostel Walls, under-priveleged, economically challenged, talented boy musicians, from a very early age, to reach beyond barriers, shower smiles, share comfort and spread absolute peace, for years ahead, via-media, the universal language of M – U – S – I – C.

We truly aspire to receive your good wishes, prayers and spontaneous participation either in cash or by donations of musical instruments, towards our endeavour to reach the gates of Heaven with DIVINE Music."

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