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Arijeet Roy dies

27 January 2008

Following the death of Arijeet Roy there will be a memorial service on 3rd February in the Chapel in Behala (time to be confirmed).

27 December 2008

Arijeet's body was brought back to Kolkata late last night and the funeral was today at 9.00am.

St James' Church was full with over 500 mourners. The two Bishops were there. Mrs Roy senior who is over 90 greeted all after the very moving ceremony. Father James Stevens gave our deepest sympathy and love to Arijeet's wife, Kanchan, and her family.

Arijeet's body was taken on a journey to places which meant a lot to him ending at the compound in Behala. After a short stay he will be taken to Eden Gardens for cremation, his ashes will be scattered on the family grave in Keratolla.

Bishop Ashoke Biswas is setting up a small sub committee which will deal with the day to day running of the compound.

Please pray for Arijeet and his family.

26 December 2008

It is very great sadness that I have to inform you that Arijeet died earlier this morning.

Arijeet Roy proved to be a very hard working and highly competent administrator, and his loss will be sorely missed.

All at the Oxford Mission send their condolences to his family, and we ask you to keep them in your prayers at this time.

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