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Illness hits OM administrator in Behala

22 December 2008

The news is not that good. Saturday the doctors took Arijeet off the ventilator but there was a problem with his lungs and he is now back on it. It's difficult to assess the situation but it sounds as though Arijeet's heart is not functioning very well at all. This is a very critical time for him.

Keep Arijeet Roy in your prayers.

15 December 2008

Further to the bulletin concerning Mr Roy's illness (see below), the date for the operation has now been set for 16th December. It is expected that Mr Roy will return to Kolkata in mid-January.

Please pray for Arijeet Roy.

11 December 2008

Arijeet Roy has had to visit Bangalore for a medical check-up. Following this he has been advised to have an operation urgently. Please pray for him.

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