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A brief Report the effect of the recent cyclone on Oxford Mission, Barisal:

The following is a report from Mr Byapari, Manager, OM Barisal

We thank God that in our compound there was no loss of life, and not even any injury when we were seriously hit by the cyclone of 15.11.07 however, many trees, including some very large ones, crashed, some buildings were damaged: and our electric and telephone wires were blown down. We should also like to thank Mrs. Mary Marsh for her kind concern for us in Oxford Mission, Barisal.

On The evening of the 15th there was light rain and there were gusts of wind. As night came on, the rain became heavier and the wind became stronger. From 12.50 to 1.15 in the night, it became very serious. Our electricity failed, and we had to put on our generator for a long time, Due to the wind, nothing else could be heard. In the morning we saw that many big trees had been uprooted. We also saw that some tin sheets had been completely blown off the roofs, as also had some Asbestos sheets.

Damage to buildings and houses:

The asbestos roof of the main hall (formerly used by the Epiphany Sisters as dining – cum - common-room), was partially damaged by the fall of a Mahogany tree. This was one of the four trees planted by three sisters and Father Golding in front of the said hall. This sort of asbestos is not at all available in Bangladesh. One of our kitchens has lost half of its roof, which was made of asbestos, and another kitchen has lost nearly all its roof, and is out of use at present. On the back veranda of St. Mary’s the CI sheet roof has been partly destroyed. In our generator-shed-cum storeroom, the CI sheet roof was completely blown down and some of the sheets were twisted. The glass of some of the windows has been broken and a falling tree from outside broke a portion of the surrounding wall behind St.Anne’s Medical center. Moreover, on Father’s side some CI sheets were blown away from the roof of the workers houses.

Uprooted Trees:

More then eighty trees, large and small, were uprooted and some were broken due to the cyclone. Although this is not a complete loss, as we can make some firewood and some planks from these trees, this will cover only 30% of the loss. We have to plant new trees in the near future.

Electric and Telephone lines:

Owing to a large tree near the main gate falling on top of the lines, the electric and telephone lines were torn down. A part of the copper wire for electric connection and a part of the telephone wire were stolen. The inside repairs which were possible for us were immediately made by our own workers, but those which were not possible for us had to be made by outside electricians.

Photos of the damage

The following photographs show you the extent of the damage to houses and buildings.


The following photographs show you the extent of damage to the trees.


Estimated cost of repairs/renewals:

I, therefore, enclose and approximate calculation of the costs of the damages as follows:

(A) Womens’ side :
1. Asbestos sheets (Cost of Materials) 28 sheets @ 400/-per sheet Taka 11,200/-
2. CI sheets (Cost of Materials) 23 pieces X 600/- per sheet Taka 13,800/-
3. Window Glass (Cost of Materials) 12 pieces @ 60/- Taka 720/-
4. Labour and fittings Taka 10,000/-
5. Repairing of Broken part of Wall Taka 1,125/-
6. Cost of Trees 69 trees @ 3000/- Taka average 207000/-
Less 30%Taka 62100/-
Taka 1,44,900/-
7. Electric and
Telephone lines repairing
Taka 1000/-
8. Cleaning and
Removing of Tree Trunks
(Extra Labour) Taka 12000/-
9. Tree plantation Taka 5000/-
Total Women's side Taka 1,99,745/-
(B) Fathers’ Side :
(1) House and Kitchen Repairing Taka 24,000
(2) Trees (Cost) Taka 51,900
(3) Cross Damage No 3 Telephone and Electrical Taka 16,300
Total Father's side Taka 92,200/-
Total Taka 2,91,945/-

Help for the recovery needed!

If you would like to help, the Oxford Mission is raising a special disaster fund to assist in the restoration and rebuilding of its own compound in Barisal and to provide support to the local community. To help please send donations to the General secretary:

1. marked "OM Cyclone relief 2007" if you wish to give for the Mission compounds and their work, or

2. marked "Bangladesh relief 2007" if you prefer to give to support the wider community.

(click here) for the address, or donate via Donate Now!

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